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Registration page for Geometry course second semester

Geometry course 2nd semester
$165 USD

Once you have received your order confirmation from SquareUp then email me and state clearly:
  • Name of student
  • email address
  • name of this class
  • order or transaction number from SquareUp
  • Amount paid
DO NOT send me your credit card # or other other financial info.
You will receive a username and password by email within 2-24 hours.
Review important details below; you may want to print them.

Make PAYMENT forGeometry second semester


GEOMETRY second semester class

  • This online course is equivalent to 2nd semester of high school Geometry.
  • This is a self-paced course.
  • There are LESSONS in the required textbook and my own LESSONS and Chapter Tests are in our online classroom. These Lessons give the student detailed instructions on what to complete in the book as well as more examples, games and drills. The online tests and online assignments are graded and returned to the student by email.
  • The student will be given 6 months to complete their course work. Most students require much less time so the 6 months is ample time to complete a 1 semester course. For example, if registration is completed on June 12 then the course work must be completed by December 12.
  • A grade report is offered after all of the course work (assignments and tests) is completed satisfactorily. A final grade and a listing of all scores on tests and assignments is given as well.
  • Refunds given only within first week and if no work submitted for grading.

Conduct of Students, Instructor and others using the Math in a Box workspace:

  • Students are required to answer my emails, follow the order of the lessons (that is, not jump or skip lessons/assignments), be respectful, courteous, honest and truthful.
  • The instructor will be sure that the student's emails are answered daily; if one is overlooked then a kind note to the instructor is appreciated.
  • The student's submitted work will be graded daily and returned to the student by email.
  • The students will be treated with respect and privacy. Privacy is important to the instructor and the classroom host. See their privacy policy page for more info.

What you need for the online class:

  • An Internet connection
  • Web browser. Internet Explorer, or Mozillas FireFox, or Safari.
  • Javascript must be enabled on the web browser.
  • Cookies must be enabled for PBWorks.com.
  • Student must have a verified and working email address that can be easily checked.
    Emails (of graded work or answered questions) should be saved or placed in folder so that the student can reference these later.
  • A flash player (free from Adobe) installed is recommended for viewing videos.
    Not all lessons have a video.
  • A textbook is required for this course. The book is listed at www.mathinabox.com.
    See my TEXTBOOKS web page. You must purchase the book with the given ISBN numbers.
  • Notebook (paper) and pencils are also needed. A calculator will be needed only occasionally.
    Loose paper is not a good idea especially for those that are not naturally organized!

Our children will see their future when we begin painting the picture
~ and~ give them the skills to begin painting it too

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