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Need to Prepare for COLLEGE at a Community College or University?
You will need good TEST scores, excellent grades and community activites in your college application.

Preparing yourself or your student for an occupation or profession will definitely include math.
All colleges require at least Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 before admission.
The universities require Algebra 2 and Precalculus and sometimes Calculus before admission.

Whether you or your student will attend a technical college, a liberal arts college or an ivy league university,
please include Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Precalculus as part of your education.   Private tutoring can be found for $20 to $35 per hour by a qualified individual.   Look around.   Ask.   Not all teachers are alike in their ability to instruct, their knowledge of the subject, in their price, nor in their commitment to students.

Find the college of your choice and then research what math course are required for your chosen field of study. Will you be required to successfully complete a placement test at the college, or do they require a high score on your ACT or SAT Tests? If you are not sure that you or your student are ready for these requirements then please consider completing my online Algebra or Geometry courses. Also on the textbook tab of my web site see my recommended Precalcus textbook.

As a parent or teacher we must show our students the concern that we have for their math ability..
When I am teaching, my students soon come to know that I believe they want to learn math.
Some may say they do not want to learn, but they all know that I BELIEVE that they DO.   And my persistence in believing this does affect them.   It is exciting when many of them begin to ask questions, to answer my questions, to propose problems and to help each other.

Children want to learn.   Even those who appear to not want to learn, really do.
With my praise, patience, and "plugging" they all begin to learn.

  • Find what your student can do and then praise them.
  • Patiently and carefully find what they can not do.
  • Create the worksheets or customized problems to help them "plug" those holes.
  • When they have a good foundation you can then begin to build.

Let your student research several job categories that interest them.
Use the internet to find freshman classes that are being offered at your students favorite college. Find out if they will need the graphing calculator, TI-84, for their college math class (and possibly their high school Precalculus class). Some colleges may even require a laptop.

Do you need help with finances for college?


   - it is a FREE service-
Complete my free test; send it to me by email.   I will grade and return it.
PLEASE send only ONE.
Algebra 2 Test
Algebra 1 Test
Pre Algebra
Homeschool Top Sites - Best Homeschool Sites on the Internet
 Geometry classes online

TESTS Visit the College Board web site. GO to their official site

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Help Challenge Farm of Kenya

This is a bit long, but please read:

Education is such an important part of what we do at Challenge Farm. GRADES ARE IN! We recently recieved the grades for our high school graduates! Teresa Ekidor's grades said YES! Teresa is the first girl from Challenge Farm to qualify for University! She will be pursuing a degree in nursing. Teresa starts school this month! PRAISE REPORT! While this letter was being written, Teresa's first year of nursing has been sponsored - $2,485, Mercy's first year for $1,562 and Ruth is sponsored for $1,100! God is faithful!
Mercy will be continuing her education in a 2 year program to receive a degree in Early Childhood Development. Sheila and Ruth will be going for a 2 year diploma to teach elementary school. Paul will be pursuing a diploma to teach high school!
We've stepped out by faith to help these young people! They're trusting God! We need your help! Boarding School fees for Mercy, Ruth and Sheila: $1,562 each (school fees, room/board); Paul's total fees: $2,728 (school fees, housing/meals, misc school expense). Click on the blue tab below to make a donation! Please note "School Fees" in the comment section. Thank you!

Computers Needed! We need good computers (with good batteries!). Are you or someone you know upgrading to a new laptop and would like to donate your older one? We could use it at Challenge Farm! We need to teach computer skills to our recent grads and our high school students. Please contact janice@challengefarm.org for more info!

Would you consider partnering with us by making a donation as we transition our children – who are becoming adults- as we seek to help them become self reliant and integrated back into their Kenyan culture?
Please consider helping. Challenge farm in other ways too.
Please write me for more information, Susan Johnsey.

Please visit theire website. It is amazing! Keep up the great work Cheri!

 Kenyan children need help in many ways not just math classes

Let your teen sponsor a child in Albania or Guatemala

 Children need help in many ways not just math

My family helps three children in Albania and one in Guatemala. All children are welcomed and fed at the center. The Guatemalan & Albanian teams are composed of many their own local people. Their work on these teams enable the programs to work very effectively and efficiently. Pray for these folk who work so hard for the children. There are cooks, kitchen staff, maintenance men, drivers, guards, as well as all those involved in the offices, clinics and the evangelism teams.

Train for Adventure in Helping others through Globe International


WHY are we HERE? How are you preparing for your life work?
Think and Search and Learn


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Our children will see their future when we begin painting the picture
~ and~ give them the skills to begin painting it too

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